A little more information on the “Pilliod” tool chest and company

I received a nice email from a relative of the Pilliod family today with the following information:

“What you have is a Tool Chest made by the Pilliod Cabinet/Furniture Company of Swanton, Ohio. I have seen a few listed on
Ebay but not in the good condition that yours looks to be in. Although related to the Pilliod family I know very little about the cabinet company.
I do know that they sold jewelry boxes, silverware chests and the tool chests
you have. The company is no longer in operation. It was to my knowledge owned
by T.J. Pilliod and passed down to his children. I do not know if T.J Pilliod
was the original owner of the company or if his ancestors started it. As for
the tools in the chest I don’t believe they came with the tool chest. Hope this helps.”

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  1. I recently subscribed to your blog and was surprised to see this posting pop up in my reader. I had never heard of the Pilliod company until I was digging through some old stuff and found a little display box with their signature on the bottom which I listed on eBay a few days ago. I had been searching for information rather unsuccessfully so seeing a post entitled “A little more information on the Pilliod tool chest and company” made me do a double-take. Funny timing I guess…
    Your chest is quite nice… take good care of it!

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